Along with the idea that guided our company from the very beginning we’re trying to build motorcycles that give the most positive driving experience. We make sure that the boundary between man and machine is constantly blurred and became imperceptible. Through our projects we pay tribute to the classic motorcycle which is the source of our inspiration. We weld steal, bent metal and pay attention to detail, so each project is unique and inimitable.

We love all motorcycles from L.A., through Europe to Tokyo and in each of them, we see great potential. Many times we’ve changed the ugly duckling into a real beauty. Each project represents for us a challenge and great satisfaction.

Our company is located in Tanowo, near Szczecin, Poland, we’re on the motorcycle market since 2007 and as Red Hot Chili Customs (custom workshop and lifestyle shop) since 2012. Our garage is a second home for us, a place where we build motorcyckles, eat, talk, laugh and sometimes even sleep.

Visit us for a coffee or beer, give the high five and talk about motorcycles. We are the Red Hot Chili Customs and we make motorcycles with soul.

If You want to order one for You -please send us some pictures / drawings / descriptions and we will try to do a  calculation for You.