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Uwaga! Przerwa w wysylkach!

Panie i Panowie! W związku z uczestnictwem w (naszym zdaniem) najlepszej imprezie na tej Ziemi wszelkie wysyłki towaru będą realizowane do piątku 5.06.2015. Następne wysyłki dopiero po powrocie.. ok 17.06.2015… a motocykle budujemy nieprzerwanie! sooorrryy!!!

We are moving !!!!

Yep… that time has come… We are moving to a bigger workshop. Sorry for the delay in responding to e-mails!!! New adress will be annouced after weekend!

Fresh build..

This beauty bike was an ordinary xj550 from yamaha stable. We’ve rebuild it to highest standard using lot of premium parts and some new building-idaes like pocket in the back of seat 🙂  Be patient, more pics sooon!

Almost like Gibbonslap, but…

… it isn’t! 🙂 It’s our project inspired by the famous Wrenchmonkee’s Gibbonslap.  On the first look , You can say: “hey, it’s the same bike!” but if You compare photos  You will be sure that they are like twins… Simillar but different! In our project there are some differences: – reworked frame – no… Read more »

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Meeeerrry X-mass and a happy New Gear!

Crave shirts vs german tester on new Ducati Scrambler

We’re proud that polish Crave Kevlar motorcycle shirts  has been tested by german editors of MO magazine during presentation of brand new Ducati Scrambler.  If You need more spec of the products – check our webshop!

new site

…already done! Do you like it?

Wheels&Waves 2014

Our plan was to join this legendary event in 2015, but the Soutsiders MC team prepared so may atractions and invited so many great guests to Biarritz in this year that there was no chance that it would happens without us. So we’ve pack our families and bikes and start the over 2000km long journey…. Read more » prize in danemark! prize at “Forever 2 Wheels” Festival in Danemark! This is an international winter bike show, located in Federicia. Like in a whole scandinavia almost all is turning around Harleys. Our stand was the only one with customized Jap’s on board.. but, yep!! we did it! Our bike – Choppster – won the first prize… Read more »


RHCC MOVIE from backstage…    Trailer coming soon…