Monthly Archives: October 2017

Ugly Bitch

Ugly Bitch Yamaha XS650 (447) transformed into radical Brat-Tracker Many new parts ! Frame was’nt chopped , painted or so , so there is possibility to come back to standard condition!! SOLD OUT


Suzuki SP370 Scrambler Totally transformed ugly duckling into perfect trial bike. Lot of new parts. Bike rides and looks like new! Painting sheme is same like at Bell Moto 3 helmet! Main thing : electric system was transformed into 12V !!  

Scrambler Fever 2018

Date : 31/08/2018-3/06/2018 More infos soon !

Dandy Riders Festival 2017

At the end of september we’ve joined Dandy Riders Festivat placed in Frejus on Cote d’ Azzur. Few photos You will find on our Facebook profile!!  ->