Fantic Cabalero już u nas !!

Już oficjalnie możemy powiedzieć że na scramblery i flat trackery nie trzeba długo czekać! RHCC zostało oficjalnie partnerem włoskiego producenta Fantic Cabalero i już od najbliższej soboty będzie można pomacać / pojeździć jednym i drugim podczas Custom Days w Przywidzu ( a później w naszej siedzibie. Pojemności do wyboru : 125 / 250 / 500
Ceny brutto PLN : 23500 / 24500 / 28500 2 lata gwarancji / FV / Raty / Leasing

SCRAMBLER FEVER 2018 details !

Are You ready for SCRAMBLER FEVER??!! Date: 31.05-03.06.2018 Camp site : Rancho "W dolinie" , Dobrosław 4, 78-506 Ostrowice NOTE: ONLY for vintage / oldschool / customized : Scramblers / Trackers / Enduros / Vinduros / Twinshocks We want to invite all of you who love classic bikes, pure nature, chillout and cold beer This is not another bike meeting with sitting and drinking!! Here You will ride over 150km’s off-road route through beautyfull and wild woods, lakes, canyons, rivers and even old secret russian military bases. During rally You will be compete on the check points with another riders and in the evening talk at the fire or watching cool motorcycle films in drive-in cinema Scrambler Fever Village will take place direct at Komorze Lake in Sikory settlement. In the neighborhood lives only 3 people so it is possibility to take rest with harmony with wild nature But don’t worry ! We guarantee: toilets / showers / energy / fire / B&B / place for tent or camper / chillout / drive-in cinema / lake / dinner / assistance / maps / shop 5km from campsite / rock concert by Rusty Chain / boats / kaycks / horses / atractions for kids Rally route is prepared for begginers and for advanced riders. Any scrambler or tracker could ride it!! So if You want to take rest from noise, feel how smell fresh air, meet creazy guys like You and spend few days on the motorbike riding in wild nature – come. We are waiting for You! Take : tent / bike / cash / camera / family Leave: cellphone PROGRAM Thursday 31.05.2018 – Check in – Fishing / Beercap Challange / – Drive-in Cinema at evening – Chill out at the fire Friday 1.06.2018 9:00 Start of the rally. Riders starting challange 2 minutes one after one. Dinner after the rally Evening: – price giving – Drive-in Cinema – Chill out at the fire Saturday 02.06.2017 10:00 Children's Day - atractions for kids 12:00 Start of the off-road trip. Sightseeing of the most interesting and beautyfull places around (pre-war bunkers , soviet top secret military areas, european largest heathlands and much more) Dinner after comeback Evening: – Drive-in Cinema – Chill out at the fire Sunday 03.06.2018 The end of the adventure! See You next Year! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SCRAMBLER FEVER data : 31.05-3.06.2018 ( Boże Ciało) miejsce: Rancho "W dolinie" , Dobrosław 4, 78-506 Ostrowice Zapraszamy każdego posiadacza klasycznego motocykla, preferowane scramblery i trackery (ich właściciele będą zachwyceni trasami) na bazach "zabytkowych" jak i współczesnych modeli. Impreza nie jest dla oraczy pól , katów sprzętowych etc. Tutaj szanujemy technikę oraz otoczenie. Wiemy, że każdy kto ceni sobie klasyczne motocykle, dziką przyrodę, chillout i zimne piwo znajdzie tutaj to czego szuka. Impreza nie jest typową posiadówą - nastawiamy się na jazdę! Czeka na was ponad 150km offroadu poprzez dzicz. Piękne lasy, jeziora, kaniony, rzeki a nawet tajne posowieckie bazy i wyrzutnie to nie wszystko co zobaczycie! Impreza ma charakter rajdu. Na ukrytych punktach kontrolnych czekają na Was zadania do wykonania lub fanty do zdobycia. Na trasie czekają punkty kontrolne, a po powrocie obiad i nocne kino drive-in! W miejscu biwakowania mieszka tylko 3 mieszkańców , nie ma tam przeważnie zasięgu telefoni komórkowej, nie ma sklepu, jest dzicz! Ale bez obaw. Zapewniamy: - noclegi w pokojach (ograniczona ilość) - wyżywienie - toalety - prysznice - prąd - ogień - wodę - śmietniki - miejsce na namiot/campera - jezioro - chillout - mapy - ubezpieczenie - bogaty pakiet startowy - pomoc drogową - kino drive-in - koncert Rusty Chain - sklep 5km dalej - łódki i kajaki bez ograniczeń - plażę Trasy będą opracowane dla początkujących jak i bardziej wprawionych w offroad. Bez obaw! Każdy motocykl da radę przejechać całość trasy! Jeżeli chcesz spędzić miło te parę późnowiosennych dni z dala od zgiełku współczesnego świata, od dzwoniącego telefonu ; jeżeli chcesz poczuć prawdziwie czyste powietrze a przede wszystkim pojeździć motocyklem - zapraszamy! Weź z sobą : namiot / motocykl / gotówkę / rodzinę more


Along with the idea that guided our company from the very beginning we’re trying to build motorcycles that give the most positive driving experience. We make sure that the boundary between man and machine is constantly blurred and became imperceptible. Through our projects we pay tribute to the classic motorcycle which is the source of our inspiration. We melt steal, squash metal and pay attention to detail, so each project is unique and inimitable.

We love all motorcycles from L.A., through Europe to Tokyo and in each of them, we see great potential. Many times we’ve changed the ugly duckling into a real beauty. Each project represents for us a challenge and great satisfaction.

Our company is located in Szczecin, Poland, we’re customizing motorcycles since 2007 and as Red Hot Chili Customs since 2012. Our garage is a second home for us, a place where we build motorcyckles, eat, talk, laugh and sometimes even sleep.

Visit us for a coffee or beer, give the high five and talk about motorcycles. We are the Red Hot Chili Customs and we make motorcycles with soul.

If You want to order one for You -please send us some pictures / drawings / descriptions and we will try to do a  calculation for You.


The best way to order Your custombike is to come and talk with us. You can also call us or write an email or sth but before You do that -> Please read the FAQ:

Are your bikes road legal?

Yes. The bikes we build are roughly divided in three categories.


Standard frame with small changes, standard wheels, suspension and engine (or similar parts close to standard/original).

This means no major constructive changes and therefore in general a road legal bike. Due to different rules and regulations in various countries, we can´t exactly say if the bike will be road legal in your country, but we can prepare the bike, making it ready for road approval. Still, we can´t guarantee that the bike will be approved. It´s also a good idea to contact a local motorcycle dealer / custom shop, and let them help with the approval. Remember that there´s often different rules regarding the approval, depending on the bike´s first registration/ production year.


Standard frame with more significant changes, custom or not standard wheels, suspension and engine.

This means some major constructive changes and therefore in general not a road legal bike, unless it´s approved with the changes. Again, there´s many different rules and regulations, therefore a local authority will have to approve the bike. We can help preparing the bike, but we can´t guarantee that the bike will be approved. It´s also a good idea to contact a local motorcycle dealer/custom shop, and let them help with the approval.

Our bikes is in general from Holland, Poland and Germany, and will be delivered with official documents / papers.
You can also bring your own approved and registered bike to us, and then we rebuild it in either a standard or custom version..It’s much easier to “legalize” it.


Bike is prepared according the FIM/UEM road racing conditions.

How much does a project / motorcycle cost?

It is up to you how much you want to spend. It easier to build the bike when we know the maximum = You’ve become a bike with high-end parts etc.

Final price depends on the condition of the motorcycle, when we begin the project, and your requests during the build.

How do I order a project?

First of all, you decide what kind of motorcycle you want to use as platform for your project, or we can help you decide which motorcycle is right for your project.

Japanese, italian, german, english, american, etc…?
250 / 500 / 750 / 1000 ccm…?
One / two / three / four cylinder…?
Old-school / cafe´/ bobber / racer / tracker….?
Performance / reliability / speed / torque….?
Do you already have the motorcycle or do you need to buy one?
Or do we buy it for you?

Do you want it to be “standard” / “custom” / “road racer”? (Aprrovable/maybe not approvable?)(Please be aware that it is possíble, that the motorcycle you want is not road legal in your country, check with your local vehicle authorities.)

How much you are willing to spend?

When you have made your decisions regarding these matters, please send us an e-mail.

And then you give us free hands to do our thing ;]

How do I buy one of your motorcycles?

You can buy the motorcycles under “motorcycles” on our homepage. They are ready, or will be ready to ride.

You can order a motorcycle similar to already sold motorcycles or finished projects, we will build one more for you, but the one you get, will not be an exact copy.

You can also buy one of the projects we are working on, and add your requests and personal style to the finished motorcycle.Please send us an e-mail for prices.

What about spareparts and service?

If the motorcycle is “standard” you order spareparts by make and model at your local dealer, for deviations / not standard we supply with a description of the parts.

For the custom motorcycles we deliver a complete description of the spareparts needed for normal service and replacement.

Service should be done by experinced personel, please contact us if there is questions regarding the special parts of the motorcycle.

Is the motorcycle reliable?

We renovate the engines or parts of the engine. We make new wiring. We replace spareparts. We replace or renovate the carburettors. We replace or surface treat, axles, spindles, nuts, bolts, brackets, rims, hubs etc…

Still, since most of our bikes is based on old(er) frames, engines etc.,you must expect to treat the bike with some extra care. Please follow the directions and guidance provided when purchasing the bike.

Do you ship to my country?

We deliver the motorcycle in all EU countries, and we can also deliver it to you, personally if requested, or you can pick it up at our HQ in Szczecin. Outside EU is also possible. This will add cost import tax and other fees. It is also possible that you can import it yourself.
All the prices on our website exclude shipping costs.